The Opticians!

The Opticians!

The Opticians!

Hi everyone,

This month we are learning all about ‘The Opticians’ for our Aistear theme.

Our stations include:

Creative Kids / Writing station: We have been designing, colouring, cutting and making glasses to wear. Junior Infants have been practising writing their new letter sounds. Senior Infants have been writing sentences including the words: glasses, sunglasses, glasses case, Optician and eye chart.

Block area: At the block station the children have been building the Optician’s premises and rooms inside. Some children have even created large 3D glasses with blocks.

Socio-dramatic area: This station is always so much fun. The children engage in role play and have been playing out scenarios as the Optician, the customer, the receptionist and even the delivery man.

Playdough / fine motor skills area: At this station the children use their fine motor skills and use playdough to create many wonderful things. This month the children have been making reading glasses, glasses to wear to the opera and funny glasses to wear for dress up.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our theme for this month and look forward to our next theme in February. Stay tuned!