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DEAR reading

Hi everyone. We have been really busy since coming back to school after Christmas and have had a very productive January. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class have been working really hard at improving their reading this year. One way we have ensured extra reading is completed at home and throughout the day is by having […]

The Doctor’s Surgery

Our theme in Aistear at the moment is ‘The Doctor’s Surgery‘. The children are having great fun in the role play area exploring the roles of the receptionist, the patient and the doctor. In the construction area, they are designing their own surgeries, including waiting rooms, treatment rooms and receptionist areas. In the creative corner […]

Some of our Science Experiments and Investigations

In the Senior Room we have been looking closely at ‘Rocks’. We worked in groups to examine some rock samples (Sandstone, Limestone, Slate etc.) We investigated the texture and appearance of the rocks as well as testing each rock sample for hardness using a coin, nail and sandpaper. We then reported our findings back to […]

The Senior Room – A Busy First Term

We have all settled back to school and have had a fantastic first term. At the start of September we looked closely at two of the elements of Art; Line and Colour. We then used our names and these elements to complete “Our Name Stripes Posters”. Those of us who have shorter first names found […]

Autumn Aistear

The children have been busy learning all about autumn and all the wonderful changes that happen in nature. In Aistear, the children used their play dough to make nuts for the squirrel, spines for the hedgehog and much more. We looked at autumn leaves and the children created stained glass leaves using crepe paper.  They […]

Junior Room update!

Hi everyone, We are delighted to be back in Junior and Senior Infants and have had a fantastic start to the year. We are learning lots of new sounds, exploring many new themes in Aistear and enjoying lots of exciting Art lessons. Take a look at some of our recent Autumn themed Art.

Autumn Art!

We have been working really hard during our Art lessons over the last few weeks. We are working on the strand of ‘Paint and colour’ from the curriculum. We have also been linking our Art ideas to our learning in Geography, Science and English. We learned that Autumn can also be known as ‘Spider Season’ […]

New Irish programme!

Hi everyone! We are well and truly settled back to school. We are having a great time getting used to all of our new books and programmes this year; especially our Irish programme! We have been learning so many fabulous, modern songs in Irish and speaking so much. We have also been focusing on our […]

Golden Time Treat!

Hi everyone. Today for Golden Time we went to Applegreen for a treat. Everyone got a juice carton and a small packet of sweets. We had so much fun sitting in the cafe. Take a look:

Ice Cream Surprise!

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago we got a big surprise from Mrs. Byrne. The fire alarm went off and we lined up as usual expecting it to be a routine fire drill. How wrong we were! To our amazement, when we got outside; there was an ice cream van waiting for us! We were [...]

Native Americans

We are learning about Native Americans at the moment and we created class totems using paper, card and glue!  We hope you like them!!              

Thank You B&Q

A very big thank you to B&Q for giving our school a new raised bed and lots of flowers and seeds to plant.  A special thank you to Lynn Wheatley for organising all of it for us.  The children in third class braved the hail showers and made sure the outdoor plants were carefully placed [...]

World Book Day 2019!

Hi everyone, On Thursday the 7th of March we celebrated World Book Day. Every child brought in their favourite book and some dressed up as their favourite book characters! Even the teachers got in the spirit. Mrs. Young went as Gangsta Granny, Mrs. Byrne was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Mrs. Bradley was dressed as a [...]

More maths games

Shapes 2D &3D shapes 2nd and 3rd shapes_shoot all castle_shapes castle_shapes 2 describing shapes 2nd and 3rd Clock Time for 2nd and & 3rd clock time for 2nd and 3rd hickory clock 2nd and 3rd puzzle_pics_clocks 3rd Giraffe_Race_Time 3rd digital and analogue 2nd and 3rd Place Value for 1st & 2nd shark numbers LIFEGUARDS sharknumbers [...]

The Opticians!

Hi everyone, This month we are learning all about 'The Opticians' for our Aistear theme. Our stations include: Creative Kids / Writing station: We have been designing, colouring, cutting and making glasses to wear. Junior Infants have been practising writing their new letter sounds. Senior Infants have been writing sentences including the words: glasses, sunglasses, [...]

A Trip To The Opticians!

Busy First Term for the Senior Room!

The senior room have been working hard for our first term back at school. We have created many art pieces, one entitled “A Worm’s View” where we drew what a worm would see from the forest floor during Autumn. We then wrote poems based on the theme of Autumn. In another art piece that we […]

Happy Halloween!!

Hi everyone and a very spooky, happy Halloween from the Junior room! We had the best day ever. We came into our classroom this morning and everyone was dressed up, even Mrs. Byrne! The whole school went down to the Assembly room and we each got to show off our costume and explain what we [...]

Aistear has started for another year!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to all of the Senior infant pupils and a special welcome to the new Junior infants who have settled in perfectly to our school. We have had a very busy month in September and we can't wait to show you some of the things we have been up to. A very [...]

Twiterrific Construction

We are reading The Twits by Roald Dahl this month.  Have a look at our Lego creations showing The Twits' home and garden!!

Junior Entrepreneur RDS Showcase Day!

Hi everyone, We are just finishing up for the Summer here in Athlone Mixed National School and what a year it has been! One event that took place this year will definitely be one the children will remember for many years to come. Last week, we had the great opportunity to go to the RDS [...]

School Tour!

Hi everyone, We are enjoying the hot weather so much over the last few weeks and are having great fun in school completing lots of outdoor activities. We had a terrific time on our School Tour last week. It was just the best day ever!! We left the school at 9 a.m. and went on [...]

Friday Fun!

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! We have been having great in Aistear once again! This is definitely our most enjoyable theme of work to date. Take a look at some pictures of us immersed in our learning on 'The Beach.'

More Beach Fun!!

Hi everyone, We had great fun this morning commencing week two of our new Aistear theme, 'The Beach.' In the Block group we created a beach hotel. In the Playdough group we created lots of delicious treats you might have at the beach and we also designed some goggles. In Creative Kids groups we designed [...]

At The Beach!

Hi everyone, As we are approaching the Summer holidays we are now on a new topic of learning called, 'The Beach.' Lots of fun is being had designing sandals, sunglasses, dressing up in flipflops and creating yummy beach treats from playdough. Senior Infants are also engaging in lots of written tasks such as writing postcards [...]

Living Maths

We are having lots of fun at the moment with our maths. We are concentrating on spatial awareness and have some very tight spaces to get through, some tricky beams to walk on and  some come colourful hurdles to jump over. In Aistear our theme is The Circus and we are being very creative with [...]

Junior Entrepreneur

Hi everyone! Ms. Byrne here. I just want to quickly come on here and tell you all that we have finally come to the end of the Junior Entrepreneur project and what a terrific six months it has been with 4th, 5th and 6th class. We started out back in October and have come such [...]

Back after Easter!

We have now finished our work on The Optometrist and will be starting exciting work on The Circus. We have been learning exciting poems ahead of the topic. We have been working away with our artist and are still producing some lovely work. She has shown us how to create a collage following on from [...]

Exploring Pattern And Texture

Hi everyone! Hello again from the Junior Room and I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely Spring weather. We have been working really hard over the last few weeks and especially when it comes to Art. We have been lucky to have had a lady in who works with Junior and Senior Infants to teach [...]

Fun At The Opticians!

Hi everyone! We are having great fun in Junior and Senior Infants this week. We have started our new Aistear theme for this month which is, 'The Opticians.' We are learning all about the work an Optician does on a daily basis from carrying out eye tests, recommending certain types of glasses and sunglasses, checking [...]

Internet Safety

Today is internet safety day, the PTA are organising an upcoming internet safety information session for parents but here are some tips in the meantime.

January News Update

Hi everyone! We have been very busy in Junior and Senior Infants over the past few weeks. We have been working really hard during our Aistear Play time. Our theme this month is 'The Cafe.' We have also been going to Athletics classes in the Athlone Institute of Technology. We have had the chance to [...]

Multiplication and Division games for 3rd

Here are some good websites where you can test your multiplication and division knowledge.  Good luck! Multiplication math_magician multiplication multiplication tables multiplication 2 Quiz-Times-Tables Division   math_magician_division math_monster_division hit-the-button balloon_invaders

Subtraction games for 1st and 2nd class

Here are some links which will help with our subtraction.  Have fun! mission subtraction football subtraction target takeaway subtraction test subtraction picture puzzle

Junior and Senior Infants

Senior Infants are very excited to be going swimming this term.  We are also having lots of enjoyment in Aistear.  Our theme last month was "The vet " and we were very busy bringing all our sick animals to the vet for treatment. Lots of very sturdy animal homes were constructed out of blocks. Many [...]